Feasibility Studies

Is Your Project Viable?

Feasibility studies are an effective tool, once a project has been determined to be desirable to stakeholders. Our Studies will help you determine whether your project is viable, or find areas that will need to be addressed to make it viable

A few key elements

  • Establishing Needs of Project
  • Affordability Analysis
    • Identify current cost of providing a service
  • Best Value Solution
    • P3, Public, or Private
  • Risk Assessment
    • Identify Potential risks
      • Environmental
      • Geotechnical
      • Designability
      • Constructability
      • Schedule Evaluation
  • Stakeholder Targets
    • Establish what stakeholders are looking for
  • Change in Management
    • Management changes and effects
  • Financial Assessment
    • Bankability
  • Legal Responsibilities
    • Agreements, Permits, Community outreach
  • Establish Interested Partners
    • Find Interested/ qualified bidders
  • Recommendation

Our Team is highly trained utilizing a combination of years of experience in the field of construction to worldwide training in P3 and Project Financing. You can be assured your study will anticipate all areas of risk and needs.