Cost Estimating

Primer understands the grand scope, complexity and implications of construction projects – and the importance of getting it completed without any issues or delays along with keeping the cost within reason. As part of our effort to ensure this, we will make sure all preventative measures are taken and all possible research into the existing conditions is done. We will use our prior experiences and knowledge of construction operations to ensure proper pricing and value engineering is considered at the benefit of the agency. 

Estimating is an everyday task at Primer Construction as we are looking at new work, whether it be a change order or a new contract. We have great relations within the industry and contact lists for material suppliers and labor subcontractors, which enables us to receive accurate pricing in a timely manner. As we are actively involved in construction, we can look at the quotes received and evaluate accuracy. Microsoft Office products and estimating software are commonly used to develop and track pricing and schedules.